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Adriel Parker of DEI in a Box

Adriele Parker

I’m passionate about building inclusive workplaces and reducing systemic barriers that affect the success of marginalized populations. I spend a lot of time working with leaders to develop their cultural competence and to identify and remove systemic and procedural inequities. I’m really excited that we get to share this tool with you and your organization!”

Caren Young

“My goal as a consultant is to help organizations, teams and creatives shape their most important product – themselves and bring out all the ways each person can bring their full selves to their work. Let’s work together to level the playing field, uplift Black, Queer and POC voices, build inclusive managers and develop diverse talent!”

Caren Young of DEI in a Box

After working together in the corporate DEI space, we noticed two things:

  1. Organizations frequently invest time and money into one-off DEI initiatives and almost never have a comprehensive, holistic DEI strategy in place.
  2. There’s a knowledge gap for organizations that are too small to hire a full-time DEI professional or team and for those who may have the tools and resources but aren’t sure where to begin.

So DEI in a Box was created.

About DEI in a Box

DEI in a Box is an on-demand program designed to get you and your organization up and running with a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy that actually “moves the needle.”

And no, we’re not just talking about creating a diversity hiring plan or how to roll out unconscious bias training.

To build a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization, you need to think both holistically and strategically to develop a plan that integrates DEI into all that your organization does.

DEI in a Box is a tool designed to help you go beyond fostering diversity, as it also pushes you to examine ways to build a more equitable and inclusive workplace–which in turn can improve your organization’s overall bottom line.

Through this self-paced program, you will both learn and receive guidance on how to develop a foundation for a practice that believes in the power of diversity, and creates actionable, data-driven steps to foster equity and inclusion for all.

Please note that DEI in a Box is not an AI tool. It is an educational program designed by humans, for humans, to not only teach you how to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, but to also guide you through every step of the process.

Want to get a feel for what DEI in a Box is all about? Check out our free 7 Essentials Guide, which gives you an example of how DEI in a Box works (You can download it as a PDF here).

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